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Who We are?

EDRAK is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) works to enable Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs ) to be more productive by providing them with powerful business management software whether cloud-based or on-Premise".

We intend and work to be a place where best practices in people management and customer satisfaction are applied, we work to ensure an environment that attracts best people, makes them feel they like to work at, and allows them to innovate with no bounds of bad management or unhealthy practices.


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    Fast Implementations

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    Easy To Scale

We Provide Our Clients withAccounting Advisory Services

  • Analyzing, classifying and coding the financial transactions according to the chart of accounts.
  • Recording the financial transactions, after investigating any inquiries in relation thereto with the concerned party in the association.
  • Allocating costs, direct and indirect expenses on available cost centers.
  • Recording the monthly accruals and provisions based on the information to be provided by the concerned parties.
  • Preparing customer aging report.
  • Preparing vendor aging report.
  • Preparing balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement and owner's’ equity statement as well as the related disclosures.

Edara is a cloud-based ERP system for trading, retail and distribution companies

  • Warehouse

  • Accounting

  • Sales

  • Purshase

  • RMA

Become Our Partner

Since we understand that no single company - regardless of size, reputation, or service - can effectively manage all aspects of customer solutions. Therefore, we have formed a Partner Program to create a partner network that can effectively deliver all elements of a complete Business Service Management solution.

Our partner program aims to simplify the way we work with partners with a consistent program. We believe, your success is our success, hence, we highlight the potential you have behind this partnership, and how it would benefit your business.

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We do not have an opportunity at the moment, however, we are keen to employ talented people. if you think you are one, please send your CV to [email protected]


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